Cats are solitary animals, new environments may cause them temporary stress.

It may take 2 or 3 days to settle into the cattery, this is perfectly normal

They may not eat much during the first few days

If your cat has not started eating by the afternoon of the second day we will

Please note:

Bendigo Pet Retreat adhere strictly to all vaccination regulations and will not board ANY animal that has not presented with a current vaccination certificate, or board any animal that has not received their vaccination update within 2 weeks before their check in date.

This policy is in place to protect all boarders.

Cats are fed twice daily

Cat Boarding Requirements Helping Your Cat Settle In What’s for dinner Your Cats boarding requirements Kittens Under 12 Months of Age Worming Medications

Our staff are competent in administering medication to cats.

There is a $2 per day additional charge to administer medication.

If your cat is on medication we must know the following:

Medication Name.

Please make sure medication comes in original packaging,

with a few extra tablets than what is needed.

Dosage required  

How you administer it at home  

Prescribing vet

Reason for medication

(contagious illness we will not board your pet)

Times you administer the medication  

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We will entice your cat

with a selection different

 foods to encourage

them to start eating.

Purchase additional foods such as roast chicken it will be added to your account

Some cats may not use their bowels till they begin to feel safe & comfortable.

If by the end of the second day if your cat has not used their bowels

We administer a cat laxative. This is generally effective

Should this not work we will seek advice from a vet.

Using the litter tray

Please bring in your cats own bedding, toys or what you feel would make them more settled

Is your cat a fussy eater.  On a special diet

No problem you can bring in your own food


Your kitten must have at least 2 lots of vaccinations

Administered at least 4 weeks prior to boarding.

The vaccinations required are F3 or our preferred F4

Adult Cats

Your adult cat MUST have a F3 or our preferred F4 vaccination,

Administered within the last 12 months

Boosters administered at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.

 Or  least 2 weeks before boarding.

All cats must come in a carry cage.

The carry cage MUST be secure and in good working order

If your cat comes in with a broken or a cake that is not secure the staff have the right to deny that specific cage and you may be required to purchase another one.

All pets MUST be wormed before boarding

If your pet has not been wormed within the last 3 months we will worm them for you at an additional charge.