To help keep the dogs cool in the heat we have a automated misting system installed in the kennels. A fine mist is sprayed into the front of the kennel

Dog Boarding - General Info

That is why if you call us we have the answering machine on,  as we are all busy getting the pens cleaned. Don't forget to leave a message so we can call you back.

We make an effort to keep your dog out of their pens as much as possible, depending on how busy we are they may go back to their pen for a short time so we can use the day run for another dog while we are cleaning. During our peak times dogs are rotated in the day runs and large play yards.

11 am - 11 30 am We use our two large yards in this time for

Between 11.30 - 1 PM

This the time we run our monitored playgroups.

We match dogs with the same energy levels, temperaments to ensure all have fun.

Small dogs and big dogs have separate playgroups

After playtime is finished both large yards are used for

We do our general cleaning, kennel and yard maintenance

A typical Day At The Kennel 8 am - 11 am Cleaning the kennels Our Dog Pens Hot Weather Photos on facebook

We do our best to get as many photos or videos of your fur kids posted to our page daily.

However we do not guarantee every pet will be photographed and their pictures posted on our facebook page.

You can request a personal photo shoot or video of your pet.  

There is a $5.00 charge per session for this service.  You can choose one session or as many as you would like during their stay.

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