Bendigo Pet Retreat is located within 5 minutes of the Bendigo centre. We are situated on 2½ acres surrounded by bush land.

At Bendigo Pet Retreat we pride ourselves in treating all guests like a member of the family. We understand that it can be a stressful time choosing to board a pet, and we make sure that each boarder receives individual care.

Bendigo Pet Retreat is a proud member of the Pet Industry Association of Victoria (PIAA) and adheres to the PIAA code of practice as well as the Victorian Code of Practice for the operation of Boarding Establishments.

We are now on Facebook - we take weekly photos of the animals boarding at the Retreat for the owners. Click here

The Bendigo Pet Retreat Difference!

At the Bendigo Pet retreat we offer several differences compared to other local boarding establishments.
We will not ever accept any animal without seeing current vaccinations.
All animals have individual pens, apart from two members of the same family.


We do not place your pet at risk by boarding them at the same facility as stray pets.
We only feed dogs premium and super premium prepared foods.
We have staff on site 24 hours a day.
We are the only establishment to offer grooming services as well as retail sales.
We have fully automatic drinkers for dogs, they will never run out of fresh water.
All of our staff are paid and receive extensive on the job training. We do not employ volunteers.
We document the health and behaviour of your pet every day so that we can monitor their well being closely


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